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Cross-border M & A minimally invasive medical device market has changed medical
Release Time:2014/1/27 15:14:00

" In 1998, an American Heart Surgery , cross to the $ 3.5 billion acquisition of orthopedic company Sofamor-Danek, Wall Street applause everywhere , this is now the great American company Medtronic . Today, a Chinese medical minimally invasive cardiac surgery company , the same cross- sector into orthopedics, to $ 290 million joint acquisition of U.S. businesses Wright . " when Hong Kong stocks listed companies to complete the related assets minimally invasive medical orthopedic American veteran Wright s acquisition of the company , the medical device industry veteran road Onyx acquisition , speech being expressed out a great look.
20 evening , minimally invasive medical Johnson announced that the United States signed an agreement to acquire the latter s Conor companies. So, the change in the situation of domestic medical devices have been inevitable.
Counter-attack by minimally invasive medical
January 20 , 2014, minimally invasive medical unveiled the third major event : the date , the company signed an agreement with the U.S. Johnson & Johnson to acquire the latter s Conor company gains all the physical assets of its name ( production and R & D facilities and large scale manufacturing processes , etc. ) and intellectual property rights , and access to the field of coronary stent in unpaid worldwide right to use certain key patents Cordis Corporation , is a minimally invasive "Fire Hawk" bracket into the international market has laid a good foundation.
A year ago, in just two months , the two Chinese companies and orthopedic enterprise creation Comfort was acquired by American Stryker , Medtronic , respectively . Domestic orthopedic medical device industry ranked first, second enterprise being acquired by foreign giants , not only means that the domestic market is monopolized foreign trends became clear , the industry has also been regarded as the most "no face children ," the acquisition.
This played a minimally invasive medical counter-attack role. "Our effort is to break abroad Second , the three oligopolistic market situation, reduce health care costs of the whole society ." Minimally invasive medical president Zhang Yan said. Luo minimally invasive medical CTO July revealed that after the acquisition of White company, the product is expected in the year after knee into the Chinese market .
Local market changes
China Medical Materials Association recently released " 2013 China Medical Devices Blue Book" that the overall level of the gap with the international advanced level of medical devices in China about 15 years , the domestic high-end medical equipment mainly rely on imports , while imports amounted accounting for all markets 40% .
In the industry, is considered to be minimally invasive medical few can compete with foreign giants local star enterprise. Its execution in cross-border areas , changing its capital market valuations . JP Morgan said in a report , completed the acquisition of minimally invasive medical orthopedic reconstruction business assets , expected to generate $ 257 million in sales , compared with 2013 full-year forecast sales of minimally invasive 1.168 billion yuan higher than 33% , so the increase in the companys stock Price .
For minimally invasive medical terms , on the White Company joint reconstruction business acquisition will enable the company to the hip, knee, spine and orthopedic trauma four market segments , providing a full range of product portfolio. "Also, the proportion of drug-eluting stents Company product revenue will be approximately 80% to 36% large ; such as regional income in order to calculate the proportion of the Chinese market fell sharply by about 95% to 35% after the acquisition , bringing the company into the international of . "
Currently, in the field of implantable medical devices , medical Dunlop in the A -share market, minimally invasive medical listed H shares , JW H -share listed companies is higher two enterprises in Shandong Wei holdings . " China lacks a comprehensive medical device companies have an international perspective layout ." Industry insiders believe that this is because there is a threshold of an international perspective , this threshold is developed . Only focus on cutting-edge research and development, a business might have to go international .
Industry is expected , due to the steady growth in demand , the country will trigger a new round of medical equipment investment boom.