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China medical equipment occupy the dominant position in the lowend products
Release Time:2014/1/27 15:19:00
Chinas medical equipment industry concentration is low overall , showing the status of small and scattered . China Medical Materials Association released the 15th in Beijing " 2013 China Pharmaceutical Industry Development Annual Blue Book" say so.
Blue Book , as of the end of 2012 , Chinas medical device manufacturing firm size has reached 177,788 , about 90 % of the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises are low -tech production of an annual income of less than two million of SMEs. The electronic monitoring equipment capable of producing , CT , etc. with their own brand of high-tech products and over 500 million of the income scale are not many . Domestic enterprises to compete for low-end market often meager profits severely beaten .
Blue Book said that despite Chinas medical device budding high-tech products , the concept of being discriminated against because of the system . The overall level of the gap with the international advanced level of medical devices is about 15 years. Because of the emphasis on the use of long-term medical institutions imported equipment , plus the tender lax supervision and other reasons , some of the domestic high-end medical equipment subjected to discrimination , it is difficult to expand the domestic market . "Chinas potential," there will be a considerable part of the " Whispering " overseas enterprises .
Blue Book also said , more seriously , sale and maintenance of imported equipment by the original company specialized personnel to implement , once the repairs delayed due to some reason , consumables supply disruption , use of equipment will face paralyzed. Mastered the core technology of high-end medical equipment in a foreign enterprise, medical diagnosis, treatment data and patient medical records and other information security also faces enormous risks.